TERRORISM STATISTICS: Islam versus Christianity

Profiles with Christian and Islamic symbols

“I have seen so many comments from liberals in denial regarding the ISIS terrorist attack in California, so this post is going to be my very best attempt at untangling this yarn ball of lies and bullsh*t as best I can.

First, the majority of them have immediately brought up Robert Dear, the guy who shot three people in Planned Parenthood, to make a point that Christian terrorists are just as bad and Muslim terrorists are unfairly scrutinized. When’s the last time you heard of a terrorist attack targeting abortion clinics? I looked it up. Since 1990, there have been 7 fatal attacks on abortion clinics or abortion doctors, resulting in 11 fatalities. ELEVEN. Just to clarify, that’s less in 25 years than Syed Farook and Tashfeed Malik killed in the span of 5 minutes.

Second, bringing up other white, male mass shooters in the United States to somehow prove…

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