Equal pay for equal risks

Anvil IconIn 1995, as an active duty sailor, we were somewhere in the Pacific, performing stealth operational exercises. 

LTJG Saari was piloting her chopper…..when she began electronically transmitting her exact location, and giving away ours. 

Had this not been an exercise, every life aboard that ship would have had a target front and center on our melons. Her irresponsibility could have led to the mortality of all on board. Do you know what she was paid? She was paid exactly to the penny what every other O-2 in the United States Navy was paid. Not a penny less. She constantly miscalculated, misjudged, and was driven by her need to somehow let her ovaries take the reins. She was constantly shoving her uterus in people’s faces. Yet she received equal pay for her potentially catastrophic decisions. 

A common mantra amongst feminists is “Equal pay for equal work”. No. Incorrect. “Equal pay for equal risks”. This is more than accurate to be corrective. 

These irritating feminists don’t WANT to make the hard decisions. The feminists don’t WANT to do the dirty work. These vermin enjoy the comfort of the air conditioning in their Oil Company sponsored offices just fine except they will picket and protest for equal pay while the roughnecks sweat, break and bleed in the oil fields all day. 

Yet “Equal pay for equal work!!”

What does that even mean? Because the last time that I checked, a female and male Sargent at a Maximum security prison, receive the same salary. A male and a female ER Nurse receive the same hourly wage. A male and female nuclear physicist receive the same compensation for their intellectual fortitude. An O-2 is paid just like every other O-2 in the military. Just as every E-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. So what does this phrase even mean??

Here is my problem with feminism: it’s counter productive. It’s embarrassing. It’s shameful. Those who deserve equal pay, are taking equal risks. They are deserving of equal pay. They receive their equal pay. Those who just want to shove their ovaries and uteruses down the throats of men while trying to get something they have not earned, are shameful. 

I’m about to share something with you that negates the feminist argument. “Equal pay for equal work?”. I take much more risk than my male counterpart. I am financially rewarded heads and shoulders above my male counterpart. I have made not a single man dine on one of my ovaries or suffocate on my uterus to get this type of compensation. I take more risk. I get more money. This is actually the way that the economy has been working for quite some time but don’t tell the feminists I let you in on this secret. They will call for my uterus to be burned at the stake. 

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