On Frank Rich and the New York Times

I just read http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/22/opinion/22rich.html?_r=2&ref=frankrich

Please…….allow me to retort!

Wow, excellent example of how little frank rich knows what ‘hearts and minds’ or the war in Afghanistan is about. Its funny to me how the folks who will call him General Betray-us when it suites them will suddenly be ‘oh poor and venerable General Petraeus.. Its disgusting.. Its not about ‘America’ winning the hearts and minds.. its about the military winning hearts and minds and work with us to rebuild their country. Lucky for us, people of the middle east can differentiate between the service member and  the government. They know service members are far less likely to stab them in the back when its politically expedient.

We want to win hearts and minds to bring them to the table to get the Taliban/bad guys apprehended preferably/killed if necessary so we can get essential services and "RULE OF LAW’ running. That is impossible w/o local support. You lay a sewer, AQA/TB blows it up. pointless exercise. You get the AQA/TB, sewer goes in and lasts long enough to see the benefits of it…. ‘hey.. these Americans may be on to something!’ Put in power and show them running water, the Taliban start looking alot less groovy. I’ve seen it work during the surge. It can work in Afghanistan. This article was nothing more than a smear towards fox news because the MSM is loosing its audience and fox is gaining by leaps and bounds. As for the ‘hawks’ that invested in the surge.. I don’t recall anyone urging the surge except the military.. Everyone else was just bitching for the president to ‘make a decision’. Also, the IMAM wanting to build this mosque also said on 60 minutes no less, that 9/11 was America’s fault and that we were an accessory to the crime. Now I believe the guy has the right to build the mosque.. I’m just pointing this out to pick apart the article.. As for pointing out the Saudi connection with News Corp.. Fox actually reported this story when it happened.. They didn’t try to hide it.. And the House of Saud is very Islamic conservative.. The Wahabis put them in power.. If they had any actual sway over News Corp, there would be zero coverage of anything anti Muslim.

When you talk about if McCain being in office that FN would have left the issue alone, your dead wrong. I think John McCain would have had the sense to stay away from the issue though. I can’t speak for the American people on Obama’s religions preference. Honestly I think he is atheist.


This article is a hatchet job against conservatives. This whole argument has gotten twisted. I feel the issue isn’t religious tolerance, its about decency. There isn’t a real modern way to express a comparison about how this makes some of us feel. I can’t recall any Christian on Muslim terrorism recently. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. The crusades were defiantly something that can never be forgotten. I personally feel that the folks that want to build it have every right to build it and that there shouldn’t be any back door maneuvering to prevent it. They should, however, have the decency to not build it. ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ is something every citizen in a free democracy should have yelling at the back of their head.


-KP McCulley

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